Feb 11, 2020 Gambling

People Can Win Perfectly in the Game of Poker

The real truth is in your ability to see how computer software determines the winner in any hand. For years, poker sites have been looking for a solution to make the game look honest and completely random, like a live game. This attempt to simulate a live game led to certain algorithms written in the code of poker sites, so that playing online poker seems fair.

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Poker is often called a game of luck. Many skeptics claim that successful or bad players always win, while experienced players with better hands and experienced professionals who make the move lose too often. However, the reality is that luck has little to do with playing and Situs Bandar Poker QQ Online Terpercaya. The only factor that motivates winning hands in an online poker game is the computer programs that are used to determine the distribution of cards. Often people adhere to the theory that luck in the rally or that poker sites reward bad players. None of these arguments are true.

However, adding algorithms and routines that distort odds and actual results, online poker sites have created a big problem when one and two players obviously win too often. The constant swings of online poker are a hot topic in many online poker forums and debates.So what’s the truth? Also, what is the solution? The truth is online poker sites intentionally added unnecessary code to make their poker games seem as random as possible. These codes really ignore true statistical probabilities and predetermine winning combinations regardless of the real game. In fact, this often becomes a trap because strong hands tend to lose more often than in a live game.

The solution to this problem is to simply understand the algorithms, and then use these templates for the program to ensure a more frequent victory. Skeptics will say that most of the online games are the result of bad players (fans and action fans who just want to be lucky). However, the same skeptics refuse to take into account the fact that poker sites openly admit that they use certain algorithms to level the field and make the game fair.


If you really want to win online poker, you must first understand that online poker sites are not a real live game. In addition, thanks to its software, you do not encounter other players like you would with a computer. To win a computer game, you must know and understand the code that you use to defeat yourself.