Oct 05, 2022 Casino

Casino – Play Card Games Online of Different Categories

Casino is a new mobile game for which you can play card games online. In the game, you try to put your hand first in an almost endless variety of w88 ดี ไหม card games. The aim of the game is to obtain the most points by winning different categories of card games with increasing difficulty. You need to collect sets that are displayed at the bottom of each category and lose them when they finish. If you finish all sets, then your hand becomes a casino again and starts from scratch as soon as another player plays it.

Online Casino

Play Card Games Online

Casino is a totally new kind of card game for Android devices and iPhone/iPad. You can easily play thousands of different card games at the same time or one after another.

Games with Hidden Bonuses

Even if you lose the hand, you still have the opportunity to win additional bonuses by picking up cards with special symbols! This bonus can be one or more cards depending on their value. The bonus is revealed only when you collect them all at once. They are called “Faceless” cards and have a deep meaning in poker and other card games.

Aim of Playing the Game

The aim of the game is to put your hand first and collect as many points in different card games as possible. Points are submitted for every collected set and every collected “Faceless” card. When you finish all sets and “Faceless” cards, your turn ends and all these bonuses will be yours for the next round.

Cards with Special Symbols

Each of the cards in the game has a special symbol that changes its meaning. You need to be aware of this and use them carefully. There are 40 different cards with all different symbols: Jack, Queen, King, Ace and 10.

Statistics and Rankings

The statistics of บาคาร่า w88 Casino can be found in the sidebar while playing the game. It displays your highest scores by category, collection of sets and “Faceless” bonuses sorted by place on top and total score. The rankings are calculated based on your best 5 scores in each category (or 3 sets if you want to play single-hand). The higher your score is the higher your place will be in the standings of all players who have played this game so far.

Direct Hand with Other Players

You can always play with another player with whom you are not acquainted by opening the dialog box and pressing “Play with” button. This way you can choose the other players that you want to play against: your friends, people from the local area or random players from all over the world. You can also send a team invite to other users from your device’s contact list, Facebook and Twitter (if these are enabled).